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Lipo4 Battery Banks and Systems:

ETL Listed to UL 1741, NEC compliant
Our lithium ion batteries are Lifepo4 Lithium, iron, and phosphate.

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Lipo4, Lithium, Iron, Phosphate battery systems. The most advanced, efficient and reliable energy storage system ever made. Virtually no maintenance or fire hazard and designed for thousands of discharge cycles.

All our Lipo4 battery systems are housed in a heavy duty steel case and include: Internal power supply, on/off switch, BMS, charge and discharge relays, remote monitor and stand alone Lipo4 battery charger. Call or link onto specifications for more information.

Model Price Specification
API LI 252$8,820.00Link to Specification
API LI 500$8,820.00500 AH, 8 cells in series, 25.6 vdc
API LI 500 AH 48 VDC$16,500.00500 AH, 48 VDC Lipo4
API LI 1000$30,000.001000 AH, 16 cells in series, 51.2 vdc
API LI 252 AH 240 VDC$36,400.00252 AH, 240 VDC
API LI 500 AH 240 VDC$72,000.00500 AH, 240 VDC

API Flex Full
500 AH, 48 vdc nominal, Lipo4 energy storage system. $16,500.00

API Flex Full
500 AH, 48 vdc nominal, Lipo4 energy storage system

API Flex Full
500 AH, 48 vdc nominal (16 cells, 51.2 vdc actual) Lipo4 Energy storage system. BMS, Charge & Discharge relays, remote monitor, totally self contained in it's own high grade steel container.

API Flex Full
500 AH, 48 vdc nominal (16 cells, 51.2 vdc actual) Lipo4 Energy storage system. BMS, charge and discharge relays, programmable remote display/monitor, housed in it's own heavy duty steel enclosure.

API FLEX Energy Storage Systems

API Flex Full
API Flex Energy System

API Flex Full
Metering, monitoring and system on/off switch.

API Flex Full
All sides are removable. Lipo4 battery on the bottom shelf, inverter on right of middle shelf, charger on left of middle shelf and DC connections, CB, etc. on top shelf right and top shelf left is AC input

API Flex Full
API Flex Energy System

13 kWh Energy storage: Lipo4 battery system 252 AH, 16 cells, 51.2 vdc nominal (24 vdc systems are 2 cells in parallel and 8 in series, 25.6 vdc nominal), incased in heavy duty fire resistant, steel container. Internal BMS power supply. Easily accessible system on/off switch. All necessary safety equipment, complete monitoring and metering. Conforms with UL 1642 &UL 2054

AC Inverter Power:
Magnum 4400 watt, 48 vdc, 120/240 vac or 120 vac only, expandable up to 17.6 kW. Our API FLEX system is versatile and can accommodate any nominal 48 vdc inverter system, Schneider, Outback, Magnum, Exeltech, Samlex, etc.

AC charging system:
systems are the only Lipo4 systems with their own, separate charging system (solid state, 50 amp and 100 amp continuous, 240 vac input, CAN protocol. Charging rate can be adjusted via the BMS remote) specifically designed for Lipo4 charging. This allows simultaneous, system charging and discharging. You can run off this system 100% of the time. Resulting in a much "smoother", more reliable and versatile power system, because we do not switch between different power sources. External Power sources can be grid, generator or any other AC power supply.

INVERTER: Inverter on/off, Volts/amps, AC/DC, inverter system functions and settings
API FLEX Monitor
System inverter monitor, Magnum, inverter on/off, inverter status. Also available, Schnieder, Outback, Exceltech, Samlex, etc.

System Monitor: Main menu: Volts, Amps, percentage of full. Sub menus: Amp Hours, battery voltage maximum high/low is resettable.

Safety equipment:
Main power relays: 500 amp
Charging relays: 200 vdc, 40 amp; 600 vdc, 20 amp, solid state or contact relays available
175 amp Main DC Circuit breaker
100 amp DC input Circuit breaker
80 amp DC input Circuit breaker
Negative bonding block terminal
(Specifications subject to change based on system configuration)
API FLEX Monitor
System Monitor. Battery voltage, Amps in and out, Amp Hour (resettable), battery Hi, Lo voltages (resettable)

Dual 20 amp system input circuit breaker
Dual 20 amp system output circuit breaker
Neutral buss bar
Ground buss bar
(Specifications subject to change based on system configuration)

Lipo4: Complete battery system monitoring.
Main menu: SOC, System voltage, High/low voltage cells & location. Sub menus: Complete battery bank individual cell monitoring.
System Trigger Settings:
Battery charging high voltage off.
Solar, hydro, wind or any other power generating source on/off.
Generator on/off (API flex energy systems are the only systems with BMS controlled generator on/off based on individual cell voltage). Low voltage battery load disconnect controlled by BMS (charging can still be accomplished during this mode).
Battery re-connects controlled by BMS.
High and low temperature system shut down. System automatically reconnects when temperature falls within accepted parameters.
48 to 12 vdc, 10 amp, power supply.
CAN communication to AC charger, settable on/off and charge rate.
DC, 12 volt triggers settable on/off for solar, hydro, wind or any other charging source, plus separate generator controls.
Complete Lipo 4 battery system individual cell monitoring, with status of individual cells and location.
Complete Lipo4 temperature monitoring
API FLEX Monitor
BMS, remote monitor, SOC, battery system voltage, individual high and low cell voltages and locations. Sub menus: All battery cell voltages and locations, cell temperature and system programming.

$15,000.00 plus tax
API FLEX Monitor
Top of Unit. Metering, moniroring and system on/off switch.

500 VDC Lipo4 Battery Based Systems:

These systems have been totally designed around the battery bank. 400-500 vdc (this voltage allows us to optimize battery/inverter/charging performance and in many instances fully recharge the battery bank in minutes not hours or days). 5 kW Pure sine wave inverter, AC charging circuit is specifically designed for these batteries. PV, MPPT charge controllers are also designed for Lithium Ion battery banks. These systems can be scaled to 1 MW. Spec sheet can be found here.

Model Description Price
API-LI-16 kWh16 kWh, 10 KVA, 16 kWp PV MPPT$32,000.00
API-LI-19 kWh19 kWh, 10 KVA, 16 kWp PV MPPT$38,000.00
API-LI-31 kWh31 kWh, 10 KVA, 16 kWp PV MPPT$62,000.00
API-LI-34 kWh34 kWh, 10 KVA, 16 kWp PV MPPT$68,000.00
API-LI-50 kWh50 kWh, 20 KVA, 28 kWp PV MPPT$95,000.00
API-LI-60 kWh60 kWh, 30 KVA, 32 kWp PV MPPT$110,000.00
API-LI-120 kWh120 kWh, 60 KVA, 64 kWp PV MPPT$215,000.00

API FLEX Monitor
240 vdc Lipo4 battery system, with multiple slave and one master BMS control system
API FLEX Monitor
240 vdc Lipo4 energy storage system with DC main and Lipo4 battery charger

API FLEX Monitor
Inverter, 40 KVA 120/240 vac, 240 vdc inverter. Surge 150 kW for 45 mins., Cleaner than utility power, less than 1% distortion
API FLEX Monitor
Inverter bypass switch. Normal inverter power, bypass for either grid or generator power or bypass to load.

API FLEX Monitor
240 vdc Lipo4 energy storage, DC main, Lipo4 battery charger, 40 KVA inverter and bypass switch.
API FLEX Monitor
This system is for a project in Alaska. This will include two 10 kW VAWT and an existing solar system. We are testing it in our shop before we send it out in the field because this installation is extremely remote. Everything has to be helicoptered onto the site.

API FLEX Monitor
This complete Lipo4 energy storage system and inverter can lock onto any AC signal, grid, generator, etc. The system can be stand alone, grid support, load shaving, backup, UPS or primary power system.

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