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Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power, Inc.
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Address - 2559 Larkspur Lane, Redding, Ca., 96002
Phone - 530-226-0701, Fax 530-226-0704
E-Mail Address -

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API-50 - 120W, Kyocera KD-210GX-LP,
SilRay 180W
also API-750W Wind Turbines !!!

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Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power, Inc.

Welcome To Our New API Redding Store

API Redding Store

We stock inexpensive solar panels, hydro electric generators, and low cost wind turbines for off grid power systems, utility backup systems and grid tie interface systems. Deep cycle batteries, off grid and utility grid tie inverters, power controllers and performance monitoring meters are some of the other components Advance Power Inc. can help you with. We are a master distributor for most of the products we represent. We also test them before we sell them! Many are used in our home. We have been a fossil free family owned business for more than 30 years.

Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power, Inc. is located in beautiful Redwood Valley, Northern California in the town of Calpella at the intersection of Highway 101 North and Highway 20 East.

We are now fully stocked in our new 15,000+ sq. ft. warehouse and office building. We are powered by a 22kW Exeltech "Pure Sine Wave" inverter. The inverter is supported by a 160 kW industrial grade battery bank with an automatic watering system. This system is supported by 30 Kyocera KC-200 GT solar panels mounted on Professional Solar Products Roof Tracs with tilt kits. We also have a 6 kW solar utility interface system consisting of 32 Kyocera KC 190 solar panels powering an SMA 6000U SBD grid tie interface inverter. We feed the PG&E grid during the day (peak power usage time) and replenish our battery banks at night, if needed, when the cost of power is lowest.

Although we have PG&E we don't bring PG&E power to any of our loads. This eliminates power outages, sags and surges. It also gives us a better, cleaner and more reliable power supply than PG&E can provide. If PG&E power goes out, we don't even know it because we don't switch between PG&E and the Exeltech inverter. The Exeltech is our primary power supply 24 hours a day. No other company has a power system like this. In fact, most businesses in this industry still rely on PG&E.

Advance Power is the only one stop shop for Solar, Hydro, and Wind electrical power systems. We have the largest working displays of solar panels, hydro power, wind turbines and LED lighting in the U.S. We also have fully assembled power boards for solar and wind grid tie interface and off grid systems. True plug and play, just take it off the shelf and plug it in. We'll give you the confidence that comes with high quality components and the assurance of proper and professional workmanship. Systems range from 12 to 48 vdc and have power ranges from 750 watts AC to over 15 kW continuous.

We have a very large selection of hydro electric plants from 300 watts to 50 kW including high head, low to moderate volume Pelton Wheel PM units and low to moderate head, high volume Turgo PM turbines. There 12 to 48 vdc or direct AC with synchronous motors that allow the output of the turbine to be in phase with the power supply. We also have a large variety of wind machines from 300 watts to 20 kW that includes conventional horizontal propellor driven and vertical axis turbines for high and turbulent wind conditions. We have complete wind systems. Towers are available either free standing or guy wired. Most wind turbines are 3 phase Permanent Magnet Systems ranging in voltage from 12 to 48 vdc to 250 vdc and grid tied for domestic and international markets.

Our LED lighting department can't be matched. We have hundreds of Edison base bulbs specifically designed for spot, accent and general lighting. We also stock a large variety of T-8 replacement tubes. Our LED lights are available in white, cool white and warm white spectrums with frosted or unfrosted lenses. Warm white is comparable to the light spectrum of regular incandescent bulbs, whereas white and cool white are similar to CFL and fluorescent lighting. Our LEDs don't contain mercury, do not require ballasts, are more than 50% more energy efficient and last 5 times longer than conventional lighting. Plus the LEDs are faster starting, won't flicker and tolerate cold climates much better. Plus our LEDs are much more compatible with off grid square or quasi sine wave inverters.

We are distributors for Kyocera, Exeltech, Samlex, Steca, Xantrex, Magnum, SatCon, Grundfos, Shurflo, Iota, Interstate, IBE, Apollo, Rain Wise, Square D, Gobi, Remote Control Industries and many other manufacturers. We are such high volume distributors that we have many private label products such as API (Advance Power Inc.) solar panels, API wind turbines, API LED lights plus many API accessories.

Our electrical parts department is fully stocked with everything you need from romex clamps to offsets plus all those parts unique to this industry that are hard to find but needed for a safe and reliable installation. We have one of the largest wire inventories in the industry, from #22 to 4/0, and make custom cables from #8 to 4/0 complete with lugs and heat shrink.

We are one of the largest stocking distributors for batteries in Northern California. Our battery inventory is unsurpassed. We are fully stocked from 12 volt deep cycle and 6 volt Golf Cart and L-16s, to high amp industrial grade 2 volt cells. We can also custom make a battery to fill any specific need you might encounter.

We also stock battery chargers and we are the largest distributor of Iota chargers. We also have industrial chargers up to 200 amps at 48 vdc.

Our "Grid Tie Interface" department is fully stocked with inverters, disconnects, mounting equipment, solar panels and wind turbines. We stock all the components needed for utility interface systems so you can see what they look like and choose between different brands.

We have the largest inventory of water pumps (Shur-Flo and Grundfos) in Northern California. Plus a complete plumbing department to make any pump installation safe and reliable. We also stock water tanks in many sizes at the lowest prices available.

Our prices and product variety are far superior compared to our competition. Our inventory and pricing for products like wire and conduit usually beats the "big box" stores. Call us anytime for a free quote at (707) 485-0588.

Advance Power has designed and installed more utility grid tie interface systems than any other business in Northern California. We have designed and installed the second largest utility interface/backup system on the PG&E grid. This system was highlighted in the San Francisco Chronicle. If you have utility power and want to offset or eliminate your utility bill go to This website will help you with rebates, tax incentives and depreciation. It also has links to other products, systems and governmental incentives. has simple solar and wind utility grid tie interface systems and more complex backup systems that will supply reliable power when the utility grid goes down.

If your needs are off the grid (or stand alone) please visit our linking pages for product pricing and descriptions. Our menu is to the left, and includes solar panels, hydro power and wind turbine power systems as well as deep cycle batteries, inverters, charge controllers and, metering systems as well as other products.

If you have any questions please call or email us. Next time you're in Northern California stop by and we will show you systems we have installed in every country and every state, in our business and our home, from one panel to multiple inverter systems as large as 100kW that power electric stoves, hot water heaters, air conditioners, heat pumps, water pumps, even an electric welder. We will design systems to meet your specific needs, from 20kW Exeltech systems to powering 10,000 sq ft homes, even hydrogen powered fuel cells.

Our commercial clients include: The Aerospace Corp., Cal Trans, US Cellular, Fire Departments, Radio stations, Lumber companies, CDF, Bureau of Land Management, City of Ukiah. We have also designed and installed systems for the California emergency preparedness system as well as thousands of off grid homes and ranches.

Advance Power has solar and electrical contractors on staff (California License #620243) and Energy Auditor (#840325). For 30 years our experienced crew, our in house design facilities, and our coordination with prestigious electrical engineering firms allows you to avoid problems and hassles. We'll do it for you. We've done it for over 27 years.

Please browse through our products.
If you are interested in placing an order or want more information,
please call 1-888-228-9694 toll free or (707) 485-0588
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We are located at 6331 N. State St, Calpella, Ca.
Open 9-5 Monday-Friday, 10-4 Saturday and Sunday

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