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Solar Panels

Class A, High Quality, 2 year full warranty, 25 year limited. Aluminum frames, MC cables, diodes, API-310 UL Listed and ISO Certified. API50, 100, 230 CE and ISO certified.

API Solar Panel Installation Guide

Model: Watts: Volts: Amps: Price/Watt: Price:
API-50 offgrid [specs]50 watt 17.4 vdc2.88 amp$1.10/Watt $55.00
API-100 offgrid [specs]100 watt 17 vdc5.88 amp$1.10/Watt $110.00
API-230 [specs]230 watt 30.00 vdc7.67 amp$1.10/Watt $253.00
API-310* Gridtie [specs]310 watt 38.02 vdc8.16 amp$1.10/Watt $341.00

*10 year warranty, made at our plant in California

Buy ten of the same wattage solar panel, get one of the same wattage free!

MC Cables:

Our MC cables are 30 feet long with a male and female connector on each end using #10 wire. - $20.00 each

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