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Ceramic Coating

Water Based, Environmentally Friendly Insulator

This ceramic paint is incredible. Thousands of microscopic ceramic particles in every square inch. Ceramics have the highest insulation values known. Before we painted our huge roll up doors (big enough to drive a semi through), they would radiate heat 20 feet away. They were like a blast furnace in the summer. Now you can stand right next to them and barely feel the heat. The hotter it gets the higher the insulation value. The roof coat can be applied directly over the roof sheathing without another layer needed. This paint creates an elastic membrane that expands and contracts with the structure. This is especially important for cement or stucco buildings that tend to crack as they age. Plus the paint is environmentally friendly, water based and simple to clean up. Turn down your air conditioner and go ceramic products from Advance Power.

Fire Rating

Flame Spread Rating: 0-25, Class A 

Fuel Contribution Factor: 0

Smoke density factor: 0

Passed California's code requirements with an interior of about 7% of their strict smoke development minimum levels.  In fires, more people die of smoke inhalation than from the fire directly thus California's strict requirements on interior paints.  

These ratings are for the product applied to a non-combustible substrate.  These results are based on internal testing.

Rust and Corrosion Control

Bridges Worldwide protected with this coating have had longer duration between applications and better rust and corrosion control.  Test have shown Son-Shield to be an effective energy insulator, another important factor in preserving bridges as they are susceptible to damage from lightning and solar radiation. 


Our Ceramic Coating is a patented proprietary ceramic coating.  All other ceramic coatings use ceramic “flakes” our ceramic particles are formed as hollow beads.  This allows for a much better, evenly disbursement of the ceramic material throughout the coating.  We have done many tests with this product.  The simplest was to paint a cardboard box and then fill it with water.  It did not leak.  Then we poured out the water and put a blow torch on the box and it would not burn.  The US Army has done tests using our ceramic coating to eliminate thermal imaging intrusion.  They have also successfully tested it for anti-radar detection.  Many bridges, worldwide have been painted with this coating.  The results have always been, longer duration between applications and better rust control.  Our ceramic coating is an elastisamer, it does not dry hard and crack, it is well suited for cement buildings that are prone to cracks and the internal rebar getting compromised.  We coated our warehouse and office buildings many years ago and it is still in very good condition and does not require recoating.  We even coated the roofs.  This not only keeps us warming in the winter, but cooler in the summer.  Plus our warehouse roof is covered with solar panels and the coating not only increases the power output of the solar panels because of a cool roof, but the reflective nature of our coating also enhances power production.

As you see in the documentaries, our coating can also be applied to fabrics.  Which than makes the fabrics virtually fire proof.  Tests are also being conducted concerning the high volatility of LMC & NMC lithium energy storage systems.  Our Ceramic coating is a very good fire suppression system and fabrics coated with our ceramics are a potential future solution to the many car fires.

Our Ceramic coating is latex and can be tinted and “thinned” with any “normal” latex paint or clean water.  It can be sprayed, rolled or brushed.  It is excellent for existing; warn out rolled roofing and shingles.  Instead of re-roofing just paint the existing roof.  Live in the woods in a wooden house?  Paint the entire house with this coating and your chances of surviving a forest fire are greatly improved.      

A Graphene and Son-Shield Coated Fabric that Provides Extreme Fire Protection

This new fabric proves Non-flammable, and non-damaged under tests UL 94 VO, UL 94 5VA, ASTM D 6413-15, KS 0770 (Korean standards), ISO 14116, and the same test ISO 14116 after washing 5 times.  This fabric can be applied to a roof (or most any surface), similar to an EPDM system.  The fabric is black on the graphene surface, and white on the Son-Shield surface. The Son-Shield surface can be tinted with a different color. 

The graphene is important for extreme fire and heat resistance (better than metals).  The Son-shield side provides extreme water proofing, no electrical transmission, minimal radiation transmission, sound deadening, elasticity, and long life.  Combined they have phenomenal non-conduction of heat.  See the blow torch test.  The Graphene surface does not burn with a propane torch for 20 minutes exposure, reaching over 2700 degrees F; the Son-shield surface reaches a max of 306 degrees F.

Fire Protection
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