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Lithium Ion


Lead Acid

All prices are subject to change without prior notice


Family Energy Storage Systems
100 AH Batteries

ETL Listed to UL 1741, NEC compliant
Our lithium ion batteries are LiFePO4 Lithium, iron, and  phosphate.

Our API LiFePO4 stackable energy storage systems are non gassing, non flammable, non polluting and non explosive.  The safest energy storage system in the world, these systems include: 16 high quality individual 100 AH cells, BMS, individual system over current protection, connection ports for power transmission and parallel connections, CAN, RS 458-1&2 communication ports, plus status indicator for run, power and fault.

Wall Mount
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Floor Mount

API LiFePO4 Systems
280 AH Batteries

ETL Listed to UL 1741, NEC compliant

Our lithium ion batteries are LiFePO4 Lithium, iron, and  phosphate.

280 AH cells, 16 in series, at 51.2 vdc per battery bank.  Our latest generation of LiFePO4 energy storage systems are stackable up to 57.344 kWh (4 battery banks) and parallel up to 229.376 kWh.  These systems consist of a base, up to four battery banks and a top connection box.  The base can be fastened to any type of surface to secure the system.  The base securely fastens to the battery banks. Up to 4 battery banks can be installed on one base.  Each battery bank includes a 100 amp DC rated circuit breaker, slave BMS with active cell balancing, plus individual cell voltage and temperature monitoring.  All wiring is protected and concealed and is terminated at the top connection box. The top connection box includes system buss bars for individual battery +/- connections and output/load connections, plus master BMS and display.  Our display provides easy access to system information and does not require Wi-Fi connection.  System main screen data includes: Run Status, max/min cell voltage, cell temp and cell location, SOC, SOH, Total AH, Left AH, system voltage & current.  Second screen details all cell voltages, locations and temperatures. The third screen displays system faults. 


API Industrial Grade Lead Acid Battery Banks

$530.00 – $9,500.00

Our API lead acid batteries are industrial grade, rated at 1300 cycles at 50% DOD.  Close to 20 years life is not uncommon at 20% DOD.  We recommend cycling lead acid batteries 20% DOD.  This keeps the battery at its highest efficiency and many times we can get close to 20 years of usage.  Plus at a normal 20% DOD you have plenty of reserve power for emergencies should your backup charging system have issues or problems.  All our API lead acid batteries include single point watering systems.  Single point watering systems simplify the once a month maintenance required for proper lead acid battery performance.  Just plug in the watering system, turn it on and it fills the individual cells to the desired level.  There are electrolyte level indicators on each filler cap that indicates the level of electrolyte and tells you when the cell is full.  Once all cells are full simply turn off and unplug and you're ready for another month of trouble free power.


Hawker Battery Banks


Usually free freight to U.S. Industrial grade 2 volt cells. Either in individual cans or one big can for all cells. Individual cans per cell are more expensive but easier to move. A big can may require a forklift to move. These batteries are rated at the 20 hour rate. 5 year warranty. #2 connections required. Too many configurations to quote so call us at 707-485-0588 or e-mail us if you don’t see what you want. All Hawker batteries come with a 5 year pro-rated warranty.


SRM 24

90 Amp Hour

12 vdc

Warranty: 6 month prorated


225 Amp Hour

6 vdc

Warranty: 6 month prorated

SRM 27

105 Amp Hour

12 vdc

Warranty: 6 month prorated


420 Amp Hour

6 vdc

Warranty: 6 month prorated

SRM 31

130 Amp Hour

12 vdc

Warranty: 6 month prorated

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