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API Solar Panels

Contact us for availability and pricing. Wholesale and contractor pricing available.

Our API solar panels are proudly made in the USA. Our factory is located in San Jose California the heart of Silicon Valley.

All API solar panels are UL listed and have passed the “harsh environments” tests. The most stringent UL testing available.

All panels come with a FULL, 10 year warranty, plus a 25 year performance warranty.

We produce mono, poly and AG panels.

Please look at our spec sheets for solar panels details. Contact us for availability and pricing. Wholesale and contractor pricing available.

AG Panels

ISolar energy production without sacrificing precious farm land

API AG panels are the result of many years of research. 

These panels are specifically designed for agricultural sites.  Fields, greenhouses, etc.. 

API AG panels are made with Bi Facial quarter mono cells.  This allows power production from the front and back of the solar panels. 

We specifically designed these panels with only 50% cell coverage to allow maximum light transmission for plant growth.  Our proprietary back sheet acts like a Fresnel lens.  It disburses the light and eliminates shadows of the 1/4 cells. 

We also pigment our back sheet to enhance plant growth and bloom.  Tests have been conducted that show these panels can increase plant growth and fruiting by up to 50%. 


 API AG panels allow farmers the benefit of solar energy production and increased crop yield without sacrificing precious farm land. 


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Voc 26.89 vdc

Isc    8.43 amps

Vmp    22.15 vdc

Imp    10.8 amps



Our MC cables are 30 feet long with a male and female connector on each end using #10 wire.


Solar Panel Mounting Equiptment


Installation Manual




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