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Alternative Power and Machine Hydro Products

Easily maintained and adjusted  micro hydroelectric generators  

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Turn your hydro on and off automatically with a motorized ball valve. The motorized ball valve automatically and remotely controls the water flow to the hydro. A better solution for hydro water and power control than load dumps. Load dumps are not only a waste of energy and put extra wear and tear on the hydro but also cause higher maintenance costs. The motorized valves can be activated by battery bank voltage with a voltage sensitive relay. The voltage sensitive relay is simple to adjust and will control the water flow to the hydro based on battery bank voltage. This then turns the hydro water flow on at low battery, and off at high battery voltage. These valves can also be manually turned on or off with a simple on/off switch. A simple float level switch can also be used if you are dumping the water into a reservoir or tank and need to keep these full. We also have wireless remote transmitters and receivers that can activate these valves without having to run wires. The motorized valves are 12 or 24 vdc and 120 vac. If your system is 48 vdc you will need a auto transformer to reduce the 48 volts to 24 or 12 volts. The transmitter and receivers are 12 vdc and also require auto transformer if your system is higher voltage. You can also power the transmitter and receiver off your inverter with an AC to DC power supply.

Motorized valve, ¾” to 2″ pvc ball valve                            $375.00


12 or 24 vdc option for motorized valve                              $60.00

12 or 24 vdc, DPDT relay and base                                    $65.00

Voltage sensitive relay, adjustable 10-62 vdc                      $85.00

Remote control, receiver                                                $1,500.00

Remote control, transmitter                                            $1,500.00

AC to DC power supply for transmitter or receiver              $52.00


Auto transformer 12/24 vdc 20 A                                       $180.00

Auto transformer 12/48, 10 A                                             $105.00



PWM adjustable Load dumps controls for hydros (need resistor bank or other dump load)


12 vdc 100 amps                         $156.00

24 vdc 60 amps                           $120.00

48 vdc 30 amps                           $126.00

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