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– Lithium Ion Energy Storage Systems –

100 kWh to 2 MW Complete Containerized Energy Systems

...We manufacture complete
LiFePO4 energy storage systems
from 100 kWh to 2 MW
Inverters from 30 kW to 500 kW...

80 kw 120/240 vac Inverter
400 amps @ 240 vac
315 kWh LiFePO4
160 Cells in Series
512 vdc Nominal

We manufacture complete LiFePO4 energy storage systems from 100 kWh to 2 MW.  Inverters from 30 kW to 500 kW. These systems are specifically manufactured to each client’s needs.  Fully enclosed in a steel containment building with lighting and fire suppression systems. Steel enclosures are specifically manufactured for these systems with access doors and separation walls separating the battery room from the electronics and inverters.  Fully integrated with master and multiple slave BMS, metering, off site monitoring and ready to be coupled with solar, hydro, wind, generator and any other form of energy production.


Most businesses are experiencing high demand charges for peak power usage.  The industry standard is to have a large inverter and very small battery bank and “shave” off the peaks and then charge during valleys of power usage.  There are many, many problems associated with this design. We do this different. We remove loads from the grid and run them 100% off our API flex systems.  We can remove 20 kW to 2 MW and power it continuously off our systems.  This drastically reduces demand charges by lowering overall grid power usage.  Plus it gives you the added benefit of not exporting and not being tied to the grid.  Our systems have large battery banks with large inverters and are comparably priced with competing systems that have very small and limited battery storage systems.  Our API flex systems are an excellent choice for remote power.  

These Applications Are Endless

Island Power

Remote Power



Backup Power

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