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Water Drops


We have teamed up with numerous companies and are starting

to produce our own proprietary metal powder to facilitate

metal hydride, hydrogen containment systems. Metal hydride

is the safest hydrogen storage system. We are approaching the

final stages of consistent production and are rapidly moving

onto hydrogen containment vessels filled with our proprietary

metals to store the hydrogen we produce from the excess

power of our solar, hydro & wind electrical systems. We expect

to have working systems in the field by the end of this year. At

least one medium voltage, 512 vdc nominal for our commercial

LiFePO4 systems and numerous low voltage, 48 vdc nominal, for our

residential LiFePO4 systems. Once these system's battery banks

(LiFePO4) are full or close to it, our electrolyzers will come on

and use our excess power to produce hydrogen and store it in

our proprietary hydrogen storage vessels as metal hydride. The

stored hydrogen will be another means to produce electricity

with our proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell stacks. The excess heat created by the

fuel cell and also hydrogen, will be used to heat living spaces,

cook food and heat water. At a battery system low voltage set

point we will turn on our fuel cells and charge the LiFePO4

battery bank. During high voltage times the system will

produce hydrogen, store it as metal hydride and during low

voltage times will use the hydrogen via a PEM fuel cell stack, to

directly charge the battery bank. We will be able to use the

hydrogen for thermal needs at all times.

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