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The first Sol-Ark inverter we installed was in mid 2019.  Since then we have installed many of them.  The resiliency of these inverters is remarkable, grid tie, off grid, battery or non-battery based.  They are Programmable to perform a multitude of functions to facilitate almost any application requirement.  Most of the Sol-Arks we have installed are off grid.  Many are grid tied and some are grid connected but do not export.  We were one of the first companies installing grid tied systems back in the 1990's.  We are rapidly moving away from grid tie export and at this point say no to most grid tie installation inquiries.  We prefer to take people off the grid and not be part of the control mechanism that grid tied solar systems have become to the utility companies.  Once connected to the grid, the utility company can control every aspect of the system.  They can turn your inverters on/off anytime they deem it necessary.  In California, the utility company can even "remove" most of your stored battery power, again when they deem it necessary, and then remotely re-program your inverter to only be available to recharge the battery bank off your solar system and not the grid.

Sol-Ark low voltage shutdown adjustable set points makes them very compatible with LiFePO4 systems.  We have found that most installations do not need to rely on BMS control systems when the Sol-Ark is programmed properly.  This has greatly improved LiFePO4 systems' reliability and performance, while at the same time reducing system complexity, cost and volatility.  Their dual MPPT inputs allow for a substantial solar array production or future expansion.   The "stacking/parallel" ability allows these inverters to produce as much power as many of the larger homes require.  

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