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Complete Energy Storage System: LiFePO4, Inverters, Generator, Prewired, Installed in Specially Manufacture Container

We have manufactured many prewired complete energy systems.  Smaller systems, up to 50 kw inverters and 100 kWh of LiFePO4, are usually installed into small containers or trailers.  Our larger systems (see our Flex Systems) are capable of up to 2MW of LiFePO4 and up to 500 kw inverters.  The pictured system is a 24 kW inverter system with 57.34 kWh LiFePO4, 20+ kW of API solar panels and a 12 kW diesel generator.  All was prewired, programmed, tested and ready for field installation. 

One of the many benefits of container installed systems is their complete metal enclosure.  We take this a step further and bond the entire steel enclosure with a very large high conductive bonding/grounding strap.  This makes the entire metal enclosure a faraday cage with EMF protection.

Just one more reason that our systems are superior to others...

 Our LiFePO4 systems are not connected to the internet.  Most energy storage systems on the market are either blue tooth or internet connected for not only monitoring, but upgrades as well.  We ABSOLUTELY do not want to be connected to the internet.  Our LiFePO4 BMS is state of the art.  No one anywhere has a BMS even close to ours, and one of the many benefits of our proprietary BMS is that we are NOT connected to the internet and we do all upgrades via an SB card.  

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