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Advance: Solar, Hydro, Wind Power Co. Inc. has been a leader in the energy production industry since 1978. We have designed and installed thousands of solar, hydro and wind electrical and thermal systems throughout the world. Independent, grid tie or grid support, our systems are superior in quality, design and function. Advance Power Inc. (API) manufactures our own line of API solar panels, API wind turbines, API controllers, API industrial batteries, API LED lights, API solar powered attic/greenhouse fans, API DC mains and much more. We also offer "API TOTAL SOLUTION". Complete, pre-assemble and tested power systems housed in a heavy duty steel container with windows, large access doors for the battery bank side and full size entry door on the electrical side. These systems are completely self contained, self sufficient and can be delivered on site, anywhere in the world. System sizes range from 4kW to 1 MW. These systems supply completely independent power produced by clean solar, wind or hydro and they can couple onto any AC signal if you require grid or generator support reducing or eliminate sags, surges and power factor issues. API TOTAL SOLUTION systems can eliminate your electric utility bill or give you automatic backup power during emergencies. These systems are ideal for remote locations requiring high quality, reliable power. Homes, villages and islands that are generator only powered can see dramatic reduction in fuel consumption, maintenance costs, while at the same time reducing noise and pollution.

Advance Power was the first California business to be solar and wind powered. We have been producing power off our solar panels, wind turbines, battery banks and inverters before most people and businesses were even aware of this technology. Even though we have utility power (PG&E) our over 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse/office building is powered by our independent, stand alone API TOTAL SOLUTION power system. Our primary power system is supported by over 10 kW of API solar panels. At a 20% depth of discharge our battery banks can deliver over 40kWh. We can easily run a week off our API industrial battery banks. API industrial battery banks have a design life of 20-25 years. We also have a 5kW API horizontal axis wind turbine (5kW nominal 8 kW under high winds), a 5 kW API vertical axis wind turbine and over 6kW of API solar panels that are grid tied. These three power sources bank all their power production onto the grid. Our "banked" grid power can be used anytime we want it at no cost to us. In fact every kWh we produce during the day is worth 3kWh at night. Grid failure, brownouts, surges, sags do not affect us. And when flex alerts or PDP events are called we are "business as usual" with no limiting factors on our power use or production.

The API total power solution is above the industry standard. API solar panels, API wind turbines API industrial battery banks with single point watering systems are all manufactured to our high standards and have the best warranties in the industry. Our proven track record plus our history of installations and designs, make Advance Power the leader in energy production, self sufficiency and energy independences.



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Advance Power Calpella

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Facility: 6331 North State St
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Advance Power Redding


Ph. (530) 226-0701
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843 N. Market St.
Redding, CA 96003

Hours of Operation:
9-5 Mon-Fri
Saturday and Sunday by appointment only
Call Greg at (530) 510-6538

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We are located at 6331 N. State St, Calpella, Ca.
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